Reasons To Consider Professional Hair Salons In Jacksonville, FL

Whether you have decided that you want to try a new style or want to change colors, hair salons in Jacksonville, FL could be the best option instead of trying to do it alone. Many people attempt to save money by cutting their own tresses or having a friend/family member do it, but that can lead to an incorrect cut or not being satisfied with the results.


Most people don’t know how to care for their locks though they know they should. If you have curls, straight or damaged tresses, you may need a different regimen than someone else. If you find frizz or flyaways to be a problem, you need expert care. Hair salons in Jacksonville, FL employ hairdressers who have gone to school and understand how to fix common problems mentioned earlier. You can talk to them and get suggestions about what to do and when to do it. In some cases, they will provide you with the tools and supplies necessary to handle any problem.

You may also choose to go to an expert because you don’t know what style will look right. Many people choose a chain salon for the price but come out annoyed with the results. They should be able and willing to talk to you about your particular face, features and needs to determine a cut that will look superb, no matter who you are.

High-Quality Products

Have you ever wondered why your hair is damaged or feels dry and brittle? It could be because you’re using cheap products. Many people skimp on haircare products to save money, but that could mean more split-ends, breakages, and other problems. When you go to professional hair salons in Jacksonville, FL, they will use high-quality products, and you’ll likely notice a big difference immediately. Ask them what they use and what they recommend for you. Most places will have these products for sale, so you can pick them up before you leave. That way, you keep your tresses looking excellent until the next session.

Coloring/Perms/Other Chemicals

There are many do-it-yourself kits out there for changing colors and doing a perm, but the results can vary, and you could permanently damage your tresses. Instead, you’d be better off to use a professional for any chemical needs. They know how to properly mix the ingredients and can ensure your safety during the treatment.

Why You Should Get A Deep Tissue Massage In Jacksonville

Most people have heard of and use massages when their muscles hurt, but a deep tissue massage is directed more towards the layer of muscles deep in the body. It can release any chronic tension you have by applying direct and slow pressure. While there are many options available, depending what you need, this option is common for those in Jacksonville because it releases tension pain and can make you feel better. For those who are under a great deal of stress, have sore or tight muscles, or feel chronic tension in particular areas, this option can be beneficial.


Stress is one of the most common causes of tension in your muscles. You may have a stressful job and get frequently tension knots or may be stressed out about a situation, such as a relationship or home troubles. Whatever the reason, your body tries to warn you that stress levels are too high by tightening up the muscles and causing knots. A deep tissue massage will target the deeper muscles and get to the tight muscles to help them relax.

Sore/Tight Muscles

Muscles usually get tight when you work out too much or overuse them. If your Jacksonville job requires to lift things over your head frequently, you may get tight muscles in the neck, shoulders and back. Even using those muscles regularly or performing stretching exercises may not help, but deep-tissue massages can help ease pain and stretch muscles more effectively.

Chronic Tension

Chronic tension means that you frequently have tension in particular areas of the body. It usually comes from being stressful a lot, hurting a body part and trying to protect it automatically or having chronic tension headaches. A deep tissue massage will help deal with those patterns. As it applies slow and direct pressure to the area, it will relieve your tension, also removing the pain and stiffness. Chronic tension happens because of mental or physical stress. Your body reacts to the stress to protect you from it, and as it continues to react, tension patterns arise and cause pain.

Other Times To Consider

There are many massages that you can use, which can all work to stretch the muscles and relieve pain. However, this option can reduce pain in your head, back and other areas. It can also help you relax enough to start dealing with the emotional and physical stress you face.

The Best Hair Styles for Your Face Shape

Whether it’s a regular day at the office or a special event, you want your hair to look its best at all times. Once it starts getting too long, you find yourself just throwing it into a ponytail, putting a strain on your hairline and your face. Your hairstyle should complement your face shape, rather than putting a strain on your delicate features. Instead of grabbing the closest hair tie, try changing your haircut to give a flattering look for your face shape and personality.

Round and Short

The widest part of a round face is the cheekbones, so you want a hairstyle that shows off the natural balance of your face. The main goal is to add height, and not width. Choose a hairstyle with a little more fullness towards the top of your head. This face shape should shy away from classic bangs, but you can still enjoy the playfulness of bangs by creating a shorter layer near the cheekbones that can be swept to the side.


A heart-shaped face is similar to a triangle, with your face starting wide and narrowing at the bottom. Use a textured, chin-length haircut to draw attention to your rosy cheeks. If you want to go a little longer with your hair, make sure you can compensate for the length with a little extra volume on top.


If you have a square face, the sides of your face are straight, rather than angled like the heart shape. To soften the harshness of your angled jawline, try a hairstyle that lets wisps of hair fall naturally along your cheeks. Short and medium hairstyle are your friend, especially if the haircut allows your hair to wispily fall above your shoulders. Use a side part, rather than a middle part that can create an unfavorable symmetry among your face and hair.

Drawing the Right Attention

Regardless of your face shape, your haircut should do two things – enhance your flattering features and downplay your less-flattering features. By knowing which parts of your face grab the most attention, you can center your haircut around showing those parts off. Choose a hairstylist who can help you accentuate your features; it may help to bring pictures of the haircut you want to give your stylist a clear idea of the outcome you desire. Use the tips above to help you come out of any of the hair salons in Jacksonville, FL with a new lease on life.

5 Tips to Get the Best Bikini Wax

Ever find yourself curious about the thought of getting a bikini wax? If you’ve always wanted to try it out but never seem to find the perfect time to do it, then here are a few tips from to help you make the most out of the experience when you finally give it a shot:

  1. The right salon. Don’t just go to any fly-by-night beauty establishment offering a bevy of waxing services. Make sure you check the salon first. If they’re online, it’s easy enough to read through the testimonials of past customers (if there are any). Try calling ahead and asking about their facilities. Does the salon have individual wax warmers in every treatment room? When you get there, you should observe how the staff works. Does your waxer double-dip the applicator into the wax being prepared for you? (She shouldn’t.) Does she wash her hands before she starts working on your wax? (She should.)
  2. A DIY solution—not. Some think they can do the waxing on their own. However, bikini waxing DIY style can have serious drawbacks. For one, there’s not enough leverage possible in the position to allow you to remove the hair from the roots. If this happens, it can lead to broken hair or worse ingrown ones which are notoriously difficult to get rid of.
  3. Keep to your schedule. It’s ideal to get the treatment every 4 weeks. However, some women often cancel their appointments when they get their period. Don’t. You can use a tampon and leave the salon to work around the problem. That way, you won’t be thrown off your schedule.
  4. Pain is good. Sure, waxing can be painful and could reduce grown women to tears. However, if it doesn’t hurt, then the hairs didn’t come out—which is worse. So the next time you brace yourself for the pain, embrace it, welcome it, knowing it’s for a good cause.
  5. Say when you want more. Some women complaint that the service wasn’t able to tear out some of the hair. One way to prevent that is to ask your waxer to tweeze hair that’s barely even visible. By communicating your wishes to your waxer, you can enjoy the best bikini wax, every time.

So keep these tips handy when you start looking for a waxing salon. If you’re looking for waxing services in Jacksonville, pay us a visit at Adrienne Michelle’s Salon & Spa.

Need waxing services in Jacksonville? Adrienne Michelle’s Salon & Spa offers beauty treatments to help you take better care of your body.

Farmhouse Fresh Award

On behalf of our FarmHouse Fresh family, I want to thank you for voting us into the Winners Circle in the 2015 American Spa Professional’s Choice Awards.  

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It has been another wonderful year – we are thrilled to be among your favorites in both All Natural and Bodycare Lines! The freshest, yummiest treatments start with our love of food and drink, good friends and great customers who appreciate our delicious treats! 

Having your support is always the cherry on top of everything we do! You make our job a joy!    Wait till you see what we have in store for 2016… 

With much appreciation,

Shannon McLinden
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Preparation is Key for A Perfect Gel Manicure


Everyone loves the durability and shine that a gel manicure provides.One of the most important key factors to achieve a long lasting polish, is the preparation that thenail technician does on your nails. This process can be achieved without damaged to the nail itself.

You want to have a clean nail surface with no dead skin or oil on the nail. Dead skin can be removed by a proper cuticle trimming. It is important that the nail technician knows what dead skin is and removes it without cutting skin that is alive.

A light buff is all that is needed to remove the oil from the top of the nail. This helps the gel polish adhere properly to the nail for long lasting results.

At Adrienne Michelle’s Salon and Spa in Jacksonville we look at each client’s nails individually to determine what is needed to achieve the best results. We never use a drill, and know the difference between dead and alive cuticle and skin. Most of all we strive to always maintain the cleanest work areas and use proper cleaning procedures so that all of our instruments are sterilized and clean for each client. This is what makes all our client’s leave feeling pampered and with the perfect gel manicure.