Reasons to Choose a Salon for Waxing Services

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An esthetician is a person who is an expert in improving and maintaining healthy skin on other people. His or her work is limited to what we learn in our school biology as the “epidermis” or outer skin layer of our bodies. Waxing is a process of removing unwanted hair from the roots temporarily, as hair does grow back in about four to six weeks depending on your hair growth cycle. Depending on the parts of the body, many people like to be hair free and enjoy using waxing services in Jacksonville, Florida to rid them of the unwanted hair.

Types of Waxing

There are mainly two types of waxing to get rid of unwanted hair. Strip waxing and strip-less waxing. Waxing services in Jacksonville and elsewhere vary in the kind they offer, so if you have a preference and are switching salons, make sure you find out which method they use before booking your appointment.

In strip waxing, wax is spread lightly all over the area of the body that you want the hair to be removed from, or depilate. Then a cloth or paper strip is applied to the area and pressed firmly so the strip adheres to the wax, which is stuck to the skin. The strip is very quickly stripped off, against the direction of hair growth as parallel to the skin as possible. This removes the wax along with the unwanted hair. This process is also called soft waxing.

In strip-less waxing, no cloth or paper strips are used, only the warm wax (heated to a desirable temperature in a microwave)is used. It is applied more thickly than strip waxing. The warm wax cools down with the hair in it. You can easily remove the wax and the accompanying unwanted hair less painfully, as compared with strip waxing. People with sensitive skin prefer this method of waxing. This is also called hard waxing and is good for sensitive areas of the body and coarse hair.

Reasons to Visit a Salon

Waxing services in Jacksonville gives you many reasons to go to a salon for waxing services. You can get rid of the hair on any area of your body, including the eyebrows, chin, upper lip, ears or nose, neck, cheeks, sideburns, underarms, arms, back, chest, stomach, bikini area, pelvic area, both your legs and the gluteal areas. Some of these places are impossible to reach by yourself, so a salon is the best place to have it done, and by a professional.

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