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10 Things You Should Know About a Nail Salon

Nail salons are the quintessential location for relaxation. Nothing is quite like having your unkempt hands transformed into beautiful and smooth hands. If you’ve always wondered exactly how a nail salon in Jacksonville, FL operates, you may find this information useful.

Nail Salons are Safe and Sanitary

To operate, nail salons are required to keep their space both clean and sanitary. You can rest easy knowing that you will be pampered in a safe environment.

Manicures and Pedicures Increase Self Confidence

Getting your nails done at a nail salon is no longer just something you do out of habit. Making a routine trip to a nail salon for a manicure or pedicure is likely to increase your self confidence.

Nail Salons Help Keep Your Hands Clean

If you’re known to bite your nails, a properly executed manicure may stop you from destroying them. This also helps keep your nails clean.

A Wide Variety of Colors and Styles Allows Clients to Express Themselves

Nail polish colors are available in virtually any color imaginable. Whether you prefer a classic pinkish hue or a bolder color, polish colors allow you to express yourself through your nails.

Nail Salons Offer Services to Both Women and Men

Many people believe that only women go to nail salons for their routine relaxation sessions. However, nail salons offer their services to both women and men.

Spa Pedicure Treatments Can Rejuvenate Tired Feet

If your feet have been overworked and are in desperate need of a refresher, you may need a spa pedicure. A nail salon in Jacksonville, FL can recommend a spa pedicure for your worn out feet. Spa pedicures involve plenty of soaking and occasionally a light massage as well.

Nail Salons are the Perfect Location to Relax and Unwind

Instead of trekking across town to multiple locations to relax, it’s best to stay right in one spot where you know you’ll be pampered properly. A nail salon offers services that include waxing, massages and hair treatments.

Nail Salons Tend to More Than Just Your Nails

Many nail salons now offer other services alongside their most popular nail packages. If you fancy a massage, it isn’t necessary to book an appointment somewhere else for one when you can get a relaxing massage at your local nail salon.

Salons Offer a Wide Variety of Packages for Relaxation

Relaxation is not a one-size-fits-all ordeal. Nail salons offer packages that can suit any budget.

Nail Salons Offer Other Services for Ultimate Unwinding

It’s time to debunk the myth that nail salons only offer nail services. Many salons offer waxing and massages as additional services that they are known to do very well.


The Differences Between Deep Tissue Massage & Swedish Massage

Long days at work, sitting through endless meetings and dealing with mountains of paperwork can take their toll on anyone. Feel stress nipping at your heels? Reduce stress levels with a well-deserved massage.


  • Swedish
    Want a gentle form of massage, one that focuses on long strokes and kneading, movements? Then a Swedish massage is perfect for you. Well known to be a classic rub, it is typically known for its sliding or kneading movements, says LiveStrong. It focuses on rubbing, vibration and includes passive and active movements of the joints. You can also expect a stretching and bending of your joints. If you want a massage that’s soothing and relaxing, this is ideal for you.
  • Deep Tissue
    If your muscles are too knotted from stress, then you might need to consider going for a deep tissue massage in Jacksonville instead. This type of massage works on deeper layers of the muscle. Unlike the long strokes and kneading movements of Swedish massage, the techniques for this type of massage focuses on slower and more forceful strokes. It’s ideal for people who have muscle damage from accidents or sports injuries.


Massage involves the application of pressure on your skin as well as tendons and ligaments and can go from light strokes to deep pressure. Done right, a massage can profoundly lower discomfort, pain, and stress levels. It can easily relax knotted muscles or ease tension and headaches away with a soothing head massage. Those who suffer from sports injuries can benefit greatly from regular deep tissue massage in Jacksonville. It can also generate feelings of comfort and connection which is another reason people love getting a massage.

Getting one

Getting a deep tissue massage from just anyone, though, isn’t ideal. Too much pressure can generate discomfort or even pain and can lead to possible injuries and worsen muscle damage.

That’s why finding trained massage therapists is a must. Need one? Look no further than us. If you’re ready to cap that long and stressful work week off with a well-deserved massage and want a few other beauty services done as well, give us a call.

24921013 - remove facial hair

Reasons to Choose a Salon for Waxing Services

An esthetician is a person who is an expert in improving and maintaining healthy skin on other people. His or her work is limited to what we learn in our school biology as the “epidermis” or outer skin layer of our bodies. Waxing is a process of removing unwanted hair from the roots temporarily, as hair does grow back in about four to six weeks depending on your hair growth cycle. Depending on the parts of the body, many people like to be hair free and enjoy using waxing services in Jacksonville, Florida to rid them of the unwanted hair.

Types of Waxing

There are mainly two types of waxing to get rid of unwanted hair. Strip waxing and strip-less waxing. Waxing services in Jacksonville and elsewhere vary in the kind they offer, so if you have a preference and are switching salons, make sure you find out which method they use before booking your appointment.

In strip waxing, wax is spread lightly all over the area of the body that you want the hair to be removed from, or depilate. Then a cloth or paper strip is applied to the area and pressed firmly so the strip adheres to the wax, which is stuck to the skin. The strip is very quickly stripped off, against the direction of hair growth as parallel to the skin as possible. This removes the wax along with the unwanted hair. This process is also called soft waxing.

In strip-less waxing, no cloth or paper strips are used, only the warm wax (heated to a desirable temperature in a microwave)is used. It is applied more thickly than strip waxing. The warm wax cools down with the hair in it. You can easily remove the wax and the accompanying unwanted hair less painfully, as compared with strip waxing. People with sensitive skin prefer this method of waxing. This is also called hard waxing and is good for sensitive areas of the body and coarse hair.

Reasons to Visit a Salon

Waxing services in Jacksonville gives you many reasons to go to a salon for waxing services. You can get rid of the hair on any area of your body, including the eyebrows, chin, upper lip, ears or nose, neck, cheeks, sideburns, underarms, arms, back, chest, stomach, bikini area, pelvic area, both your legs and the gluteal areas. Some of these places are impossible to reach by yourself, so a salon is the best place to have it done, and by a professional.

Adrienne Michelle’s Salon and Spa is a full service salon that offers many types of massages for individuals and couples, bridal packages, makeup, waxing and hair salon services. Contact them on their webpage or give them a call today at 904 329-2573 to learn more about their waxing or other services.