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What Can a Hair Stylist Do for You?

When you visit a hair salon in Jacksonville, FL, your stylist can do much more than give you shampoo and a haircut. This professional is capable of styling, coloring, and cutting your hair in a way that enhances your appearance. Along with having these skills, many hair stylists also specialize in certain techniques and processes.

Hair Stylist Skills

The following are a few of the specialized techniques that a hair stylist may have experience with:

  • Braiding hair
  • Dying and coloring hair
  • Installing weaves and hair extensions
  • Providing perms
  • Providing chemical straightening and relaxing
  • Styling hair plugs
  • Styling wigs

What Hair Stylists Do

Your favorite hair stylist at a hair salon in Jacksonville, FL, will take care of the grooming, appearance, and styling of the hair on your head. You can expect this hair expert to listen to what you want first, then communicate with you to be sure they understand what you want and what expectations you have regarding the results.

A stylist may also refer to pictures and photographs in style magazines or Instagram to get a better visual for the look you want. Beyond that, many stylists continue training and education throughout their career to have the proper knowledge to provide their clients with modern techniques and cuts.

Stylist Main Tasks

The biggest task provided by hair stylists is cutting hair. This expert will provide trims as well as assisting you when you want a new look. There are several different styles that hair stylists must have a grasp on, including:

  • Complicated updos for formal events like weddings
  • Short hair styles
  • Long hair styles
  • Straight hair styles
  • Curly hair style

Hair stylists also often provide chemical treatments which change the way hair feels and looks. Relaxants can be used to make curly hair straighter and smoother. Perms can also be used to add waves or curls to straight hair. Highlighting and coloring hair also requires knowledge of chemicals. It takes skill and experience to provide the perfect color.

Your hair stylist can also offer you information about hair care and sell products that best work for your type of hair. Some hair stylists also work as editors for beauty guides or may take on consultant responsibilities.

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