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Reasons To Go To The Hair Salon Now

We’ve all been there – looking at yourself in the mirror trying to figure out what to do with your hair. It’s got a mind of its own and won’t do what you tell it to. You’re trying to figure out how it got to this point when you suddenly realize that you can’t remember the last time you got your hair done! It’s understandable. There’s work; there’s family, there’s everything. It’s all you can do to make time to brush your teeth, let alone get to a salon. But you should do it. Find a hair salon in Jacksonville, FL near you and go.

Do It To Feel Good About Yourself

Nothing feels like sitting down in the stylist’s chair and letting them work their magic. Maybe you want some color. Maybe it’s too short, or too long, too straight, too curly. No matter what, you know your stylist will know what you want and give it to you. Let your beautician lean you back and wash out all the stress and tension. Enjoy the moment you get turned around to reveal the new, refreshed you. You can’t have that if you don’t say to yourself, “It’s time to get to a hair salon near me in Jacksonville, FL” and do it!

Do It Because You Need A Break

Some of you spend your days slaving away in a cubicle trying to fit data into just the right order to please your boss. Or maybe you stand on your feet all day struggling to maintain a smile while taking orders from people who don’t always show appreciation for your service. Or is it that you spend the day chasing children around the house while trying to keep the house clean not go crazy for lack of speaking to anyone over the age of four all day? For a few hours, leave all of that behind, go to a hair salon in Jacksonville, FL and give yourself over to someone else’s care. Get back the energy you need to go back and take it all on again.

Do It To Let Someone Else Take Care Of You

You spend your time taking care of everyone but yourself. A good beautician relieves you of the stress and worry and lets you work through your problems. They’ll exist once you get up from the chair but set them aside for a few hours. And when you leave to take it all on again, have a fantastic head of hair while doing so.

Say to yourself, “I’m going to find a good hair salon near me in Jacksonville, FL!” and do it. Leave your hair worries to the professionals, and enjoy every moment of it! We here at Adrienne Michelle’s Salon & Spa in the San Jose area of Jacksonville are ready and willing to give you everything you want and need. Give yourself a break by calling us at 904-329-2573, or visit our website at and book online. You deserve it!

Guide for Choosing the Best Hair Salon for Children

Is it time for your child’s first haircut? Or, does your little one just need a trim? While you can take them to the same hair salon you visit, wouldn’t it be better for everyone if you found a quality children hair salon?

If you answered “yes,” you may wonder how to find this illusive salon. The good news is there are a few tips that can help you along the way.

Consider the Environment

While there are some children hair salon options that cater only to kids, these are few and far between. You will likely have better luck finding a salon that caters to both adults and children. However, before making a decision, be sure to ask about the features and elements they have that specifically cater to children. For example, do they have smaller chairs? Kid sized tools? Toys or kids’ books in the waiting area? Each of these elements will make a visit to the hair salon much more appealing to children.

Ask about the Staff

Not everyone is a “kid” person. Some stylists choose to work on adult’s hair only because they are more comfortable with this. You don’t want to take your child to a salon where the staff is not comfortable with kids. This can make for a miserable experience for everyone involved. Before setting up an appointment, make sure to speak with the staff to find out if they are comfortable with children. If so, you may have found a quality children hair salon.

Selecting a hair salon for your child may not seem like that big of a deal, but it is. If you choose the wrong one, it may actually affect the willingness of your child to go back in the future.

If you are searching for a quality hair salon for your child, contact Adrienne Michelle’s at 904-329-2573.

Want to Look your Best for the Holidays?

The holidays are just around the corner. It won’t be long now before you hear someone belting out how much they love a White Christmas or that old-time favorite, Silent Night. Are you ready for the almost endless rounds of merry-making that’s sure to come in the months ahead?

You’ll need to get your hair ready. And if you’ve ever had a bad haircut, you’ll understand just how important it is to find the right hairstylist or hair salon for you. Here are a few tips to help you find the best one:

Review their services

Do they offer the services you need? If you plan on getting a hair spa special along with a haircut and even want your hair dyed, then it’s better to choose a salon that offers all those services so you won’t have to bop over from one salon to another. The consistency in the quality of the service will also be better if you stay at one salon instead of switching from one to the other.

Check out their schedule

You want to make sure your hairstyling needs will be covered. So check the calendar and book an appointment as soon as you can. That way, you won’t have to worry about finding backup hairstylists or settling for your second choice simply because you failed to reserve your first one.

Do your research

Ask about the company’s license. What about the qualifications of the staff? Are they trained to perform the work? Do they have the proper credentials to ensure they can carry out those tasks in a way that’s fast, efficient and safe for both of you?


There’s nothing like a consult to see whether that salon is a perfect match for you or not. This is also the best opportunity to take in how employees treat customers. Is the salon dirty, with hunks of hair everywhere or is it neat, tidy and organized? That matters too. You wouldn’t want to stay in a salon that’s dirty since that could extend to how they cut and style your hair.

Experience the difference at Adrienne Michelle

If you’re looking for someone to do your hair and nails in Jacksonville, no worries. Come to Adrienne Michelle’s for hair design, nails, etc. for Thanksgivings, Christmas or holiday parties. If you want to know more, ask about our gift certificates. With our freebies, full-range of services and talented team, you’ll be ready to rock those parties with the perfect hair and nails.

Reasons To Consider Professional Hair Salons In Jacksonville, FL

Whether you have decided that you want to try a new style or want to change colors, hair salons in Jacksonville, FL could be the best option instead of trying to do it alone. Many people attempt to save money by cutting their own tresses or having a friend/family member do it, but that can lead to an incorrect cut or not being satisfied with the results.


Most people don’t know how to care for their locks though they know they should. If you have curls, straight or damaged tresses, you may need a different regimen than someone else. If you find frizz or flyaways to be a problem, you need expert care. Hair salons in Jacksonville, FL employ hairdressers who have gone to school and understand how to fix common problems mentioned earlier. You can talk to them and get suggestions about what to do and when to do it. In some cases, they will provide you with the tools and supplies necessary to handle any problem.

You may also choose to go to an expert because you don’t know what style will look right. Many people choose a chain salon for the price but come out annoyed with the results. They should be able and willing to talk to you about your particular face, features and needs to determine a cut that will look superb, no matter who you are.

High-Quality Products

Have you ever wondered why your hair is damaged or feels dry and brittle? It could be because you’re using cheap products. Many people skimp on haircare products to save money, but that could mean more split-ends, breakages, and other problems. When you go to professional hair salons in Jacksonville, FL, they will use high-quality products, and you’ll likely notice a big difference immediately. Ask them what they use and what they recommend for you. Most places will have these products for sale, so you can pick them up before you leave. That way, you keep your tresses looking excellent until the next session.

Coloring/Perms/Other Chemicals

There are many do-it-yourself kits out there for changing colors and doing a perm, but the results can vary, and you could permanently damage your tresses. Instead, you’d be better off to use a professional for any chemical needs. They know how to properly mix the ingredients and can ensure your safety during the treatment.

The Best Hair Styles for Your Face Shape

Whether it’s a regular day at the office or a special event, you want your hair to look its best at all times. Once it starts getting too long, you find yourself just throwing it into a ponytail, putting a strain on your hairline and your face. Your hairstyle should complement your face shape, rather than putting a strain on your delicate features. Instead of grabbing the closest hair tie, try changing your haircut to give a flattering look for your face shape and personality.

Round and Short

The widest part of a round face is the cheekbones, so you want a hairstyle that shows off the natural balance of your face. The main goal is to add height, and not width. Choose a hairstyle with a little more fullness towards the top of your head. This face shape should shy away from classic bangs, but you can still enjoy the playfulness of bangs by creating a shorter layer near the cheekbones that can be swept to the side.


A heart-shaped face is similar to a triangle, with your face starting wide and narrowing at the bottom. Use a textured, chin-length haircut to draw attention to your rosy cheeks. If you want to go a little longer with your hair, make sure you can compensate for the length with a little extra volume on top.


If you have a square face, the sides of your face are straight, rather than angled like the heart shape. To soften the harshness of your angled jawline, try a hairstyle that lets wisps of hair fall naturally along your cheeks. Short and medium hairstyle are your friend, especially if the haircut allows your hair to wispily fall above your shoulders. Use a side part, rather than a middle part that can create an unfavorable symmetry among your face and hair.

Drawing the Right Attention

Regardless of your face shape, your haircut should do two things – enhance your flattering features and downplay your less-flattering features. By knowing which parts of your face grab the most attention, you can center your haircut around showing those parts off. Choose a hairstylist who can help you accentuate your features; it may help to bring pictures of the haircut you want to give your stylist a clear idea of the outcome you desire. Use the tips above to help you come out of any of the hair salons in Jacksonville, FL with a new lease on life.