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Professional Tips for Bridal Makeup

The big day is coming up; you’ve already ordered all of your water lilies and you’ve picked out unique little table toppers for each of the guest’s tables. You’ve even gone as far as to preorder a custom made cake topper to show everyone just how truly unique your wedding is really going to be. There’s only one thing left to do, and that’s make sure your bridal makeup is looking the best possible for your big day.

Timing is everything when planning your big look. You want to make sure that you’re planning three to five weeks before your wedding. During that time you should be considering a few things. Initially you want to make sure that your face is as clean and smooth as possible. Make sure that during this initial cleaning and smoothing – and really during the entire bridal makeup process – that you’re using oil free products. Make sure that after you’ve cleaned and smoothed your face that you apply a primer and base for your eyes and face. This helps the makeup application move much faster and smoother.

Applying foundation and concealer is important for that fact that it helps cover pesky blemishes, red spots, and so on. Once you’re cleaned and primed it’s time to make some contrast. Applying foundation with a stippling technique will help you achieve a more natural look; this should be done with a brush or a sponge. Concealer should go on after foundation with two different types: one for the eyes and one for the face. If going for contrast you should use a peach color so that it contrasts with the colors of your eyelids.

One thing that is very important to consider is that your bridal makeup doesn’t end up running or fading; one way to do this is to use cake liner instead of pencil eye liner. This tends to last a very long time and doesn’t run as the day goes on. If you set it with some powder, it will go even longer. Using waterproof makeup is a good way to fight off the inevitable tears. Use makeup that will seal in eye shadow and eye liner to prevent your shadow and liner from streaming.

And last but not least, make sure you carry some touchup products, just in case of emergency. This shouldn’t be anything to crazy; some lip color to touch up throughout the wedding. Oil blotting sheets are a must have as 1), they help keep your face shine free, and 2), they are much faster and easier than powdering your face. Q-tips are good to have to clean out those hard to reach areas such as the corners of your eyes.

How to Get Perfect Bridal Makeup

Your ‘big’ day is coming up and of course you want everything to be absolutely perfect! This includes your dress, hair and makeup, as well as the venue, reception and flowers – this is a very exciting but stressful time as well. As soon as you know that you are going to be getting married is really when you should take the first steps to planning everything. Depending on your budget, you may be able to hire a professional hair/makeup artist, and there are many now that will just come to your home. This makes everything far more convenient, less stressful and you can actually be pampered on your special day.

Ask Your Friends and Family

If you have any friends whose wedding you attended or have just seen pictures and their makeup looked flawless and stunning, ask them who they used! This is the best place to start because your friends are not going to point you in the wrong direction.

What Look Are You Going for?

Next you are going to want to choose the look that you are going for. Makeup has the ability to really change the overall look of your entire ensemble, so you may want to do a trial run of different looks with your dress style. There can be soft and romantic looks, or more dramatic and smoky eye looks, whichever makes you feel the most confident – it is suggested to go that route.

Prior to your big day you are going to also want to be well rested and hydrated because the makeup will look so much better enhancing your natural beauty! Make sure you do a little research and look at past clients of the makeup artist you choose; this will help you feel best about the decision that you are making.

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