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What Can a Hair Stylist Do for You?

When you visit a hair salon in Jacksonville, FL, your stylist can do much more than give you shampoo and a haircut. This professional is capable of styling, coloring, and cutting your hair in a way that enhances your appearance. Along with having these skills, many hair stylists also specialize in certain techniques and processes.

Hair Stylist Skills

The following are a few of the specialized techniques that a hair stylist may have experience with:

  • Braiding hair
  • Dying and coloring hair
  • Installing weaves and hair extensions
  • Providing perms
  • Providing chemical straightening and relaxing
  • Styling hair plugs
  • Styling wigs

What Hair Stylists Do

Your favorite hair stylist at a hair salon in Jacksonville, FL, will take care of the grooming, appearance, and styling of the hair on your head. You can expect this hair expert to listen to what you want first, then communicate with you to be sure they understand what you want and what expectations you have regarding the results.

A stylist may also refer to pictures and photographs in style magazines or Instagram to get a better visual for the look you want. Beyond that, many stylists continue training and education throughout their career to have the proper knowledge to provide their clients with modern techniques and cuts.

Stylist Main Tasks

The biggest task provided by hair stylists is cutting hair. This expert will provide trims as well as assisting you when you want a new look. There are several different styles that hair stylists must have a grasp on, including:

  • Complicated updos for formal events like weddings
  • Short hair styles
  • Long hair styles
  • Straight hair styles
  • Curly hair style

Hair stylists also often provide chemical treatments which change the way hair feels and looks. Relaxants can be used to make curly hair straighter and smoother. Perms can also be used to add waves or curls to straight hair. Highlighting and coloring hair also requires knowledge of chemicals. It takes skill and experience to provide the perfect color.

Your hair stylist can also offer you information about hair care and sell products that best work for your type of hair. Some hair stylists also work as editors for beauty guides or may take on consultant responsibilities.

If you are looking for a salon in Jacksonville with skilled stylists, Adrienne Michelle’s is one of the top options. You can make an appointment on our website at or contact us by phone at 904-329-2573.

What Is Included In a Spa Treatment?

If you are shopping at the various spas in Jacksonville, FL, it becomes quite obvious that spa treatments vary widely. If you look to the experts for answers about just what should be labeled a “spa treatment,” they too present a lot of different answers. For the most part, a spa treatment should include:

  • Massage
  • Facials
  • Body treatments
  • Manicure/pedicure options
  • Signature services

Now, as you can see, this is not all that specific to a list either. After all, massage can mean everything from Swedish to hot stone massage, and more. The point to consider is that the concept of “spa” generally goes beyond a single area of the body. It is meant to treat your entire person to a series of professional treatments chosen to soothe, heal and leave you looking and feeling great. There are many spas in Jacksonville, FL offering spa treatments, but not all are going to meet the actual definition of a spa treatment. They might be more about beauty treatments and skip the whole relaxation and rejuvenation parts.

That means that choosing from the spas in Jacksonville, FL for your spa treatment should begin with a list of what it is you want and need. The best providers will have an array of packages that make it easy to get the precise results and treatments you are thinking of. For instance, maybe they have a full day of relaxation that includes a facial, body scrub, massage, and manicure/pedicure combination. This would enable you to enjoy signature services (the body scrub) with traditional spa treatments.

Don’t forget that it is also possible to find combinations of beauty and spa treatments at the best spas in Jacksonville, FL. For example, you might get a full day of beauty that offers a facial, massage, and pedicure, but you can also add a bit of glamour with a hair styling, some professional makeup application and perhaps a signature treatment like a spray on tanning session.

Of course, the top salons have options for bridal packages, too. This is an important option because it is one of the most frequent reasons that someone seeks spa treatments. The very best providers also include add-ons like wine and luncheons to ensure a full day or several hours of bliss. At Adrienne Michelle’s in Jacksonville, you can find a full array of salon and spa treatments that recharge and rejuvenate from head to toe.

How Hot Is a Hot Stone Massage?

While many of us have seen pictures of a person having warm, smooth stones placed in a column along with their spine, this is only one way that stones are used during a hot stone massage. Many massage therapists actually hold the stones in their hands and use them to massage the muscles during the massage. The heat can help to relax tight muscles so that you get a deeper massage without more pressure. However, one question that everyone always asks is how hot the stones get. The answer is that the temperature can vary, but here’s what you need to know.

How are Stones Heated in a Hot Stone Massage?

Traditionally, hot stones for massage were heated over a fire. This custom dates back to Native Americans. Today, however, stones are heated in a pot of water after being sanitized. The water is heated to between 120 and 150 degrees, which is the average temperature that most of us have our water-heaters set to in our homes. So, yes, the water is extremely hot when the stones are first introduced to it. Imagine turning on your shower with no cold whatsoever, and that’s about how hot the water is when the volcanic rock stones are submerged.

What Happens During a Hot Stone Massage

However, by the time you are laying down and the stones are used on you, they have typically cooled a bit. The therapist will remove the stones and let them dry and cool while they prepare you with traditional Swedish massage. They’ll wait until the stones are comfortable for them to handle with their bare hands, and then they’ll place them on your skin. Typically, when the stones are set on your skin and allowed to rest, the therapist will replace cool stones with warmer ones throughout the massage.

What If the Stones Are Too Hot?

If a hot stone massage is ever too hot, speak up. The therapist should immediately remove them and offer other ways to introduce heat to your massage, such as using steamed towels instead. Don’t ever allow a hot rock to sit on your skin if it feels way too hot. Everyone’s skin reacts differently to heat. What feels comfortable to the therapist may burn your skin.

To schedule a hot stone massage with the well-trained therapists at Adrienne Michelle’s Salon and Spa in Jacksonville, contact us at (904) 329-2573.


Pedicures are often thought of as a luxury, but that is far from the truth. At, we think of them as an important part of your overall health and well-being. After all, you put around 10k steps on your feet each day, and over time this can cause a lot of wear and tear. At our nail salon, we can help to undo some of the damages done when you walk, run, dance, wear high heels, go barefoot and more.

In fact, we like to say that we agree with the experts who say that Pedicures are a great way to provide basic care for your feet.[and that there are] benefits of regularly getting pedicures” at a trusted nail salon.

What are the benefits? As you might guess, one of the most obvious is the cosmetic benefit that a pedicure provides to your feet and toes. Whether you are a woman getting your toes dolled up for the summer sandal season or a man with poor circulation getting nails trimmed and made to look much more appealing, a visit to our nail salon for a pedicure improves the looks of the feet.

However, at our nail salon, a pedicure can also:

  • Decrease risks for issues like infection, food odors, and nail diseases as our team is able to clean the entire nail area and keep everything trimmed and tidy
  • Identify problems like early signs of corns, fungal infections or bunions. Our providers can point out such issues when they notice them
  • Improve moisture in the feet and soles. With the massaging and the use of oils and lotions to capture moisture over the entire foot, it means you are not likely to have cracked or peeling heels and toes or other issues
  • Exfoliates the skin. One way to get skin in the best condition is to exfoliate it and remove dead cells. Pedicures ensure your entire foot is refreshed in just this way.

Of course, your visit to our nail salon in Jacksonville, FL is also just totally relaxing, and even more so thanks to our modern facilities. With expanding facilities of over 5,000 sq. ft., we are the only site Jacksonville with a ventilation system that captures odors at their source or point of use. This provides our customers with a healthy environment free of odors ranging from nail polish remover to nail polishing applications. Even more, reason to book your pedicure today.

How Much Does It Cost to Do Acrylic Nails At a Good Salon?

Acrylic nails are great options for women with short nails or trouble nails. Acrylic nails can quickly add length and strength and revitalize one’s hands entirely, offering you a whole new look. The process of applying acrylic nails involves chemicals called monomers and polymers that bond with your natural nail. So you can think of acrylic nails as extensions of your own nails, which is essentially what they are. Acrylic nails last a fairly long time, and any breaks that occur are easy to fix. You can even fix your own acrylic nails at home. However, acrylic nails can and should only be applied, removed, and maintained at a reputable salon in Jacksonville like Adrienne and Michelles. The cost of acrylic nails is barely more than the cost of a traditional manicure, starting at around $30. However, the cost of acrylic nails is far less in the long run because of how long the manicure lasts. Compared with prepping and painting natural nails, acrylic nails last much longer and are of course much stronger than the natural nail.

Of course, acrylic nails are not for everyone. The process of removing the acrylic requires soaking your nail in acetone, which can be problematic for some people. If the acrylic nail is not maintained and refilled properly, the condition of the nail will deteriorate and it will not look attractive. Gel nails are a popular alternative to acrylic nails, but they can cost more and also might not last as long as acrylic. If you are getting ready for a special event or want a new look for your nails, ask a professional aesthetician at Adrienne and Michelles for the best option for your lifestyle.

Best Ways to Prepare for Your Waxing Appointment

If you’re planning on getting a wax, there are ways to make it easier on yourself.

Pick a Five Star Pro

Don’t just look for waxing services in Jacksonville without checking the businesses out. Go online and look for feedback and reviews. Needless to say, a lot of negative reviews are a good warning sign to stay away. Also make sure that the business has the right Florida licenses for the services they offer.

Look for Broken or Irritated Skin

Broken or irritated skin should not be waxed, and should be allowed to heal before waxing is considered. This is also a good time to check yourself for changes in moles, birthmarks, or other skin conditions.

Gently Exfoliate and Moisturize

Exfoliation and moisturizing for a week to ten days before your appointment will help with preventing bumps and making sure that hairs coming in are fully erupted. Don’t use harsh scrubs or greasy moisturizers. Using a washcloth and a light aloe vera based moisturizer is fine.

The Long and the Short

Hair needs to be an eighth of an inch for the wax to get a good grip, but should not be longer than one-quarter of an inch. Investing in a basic wet/dry trimmer will allow you to groom your hair to the best waxing length.

Medications and Conditions

Accutane users should stop their medication before their waxing, or consider some other form of hair removal as Accutane can cause scarring when used with waxing procedures. Retin A users should not use it on any area they want to have waxed. Likewise, skin conditions such as rashes, acne, eczema, psoriasis, and folliculitis should not ever be waxed. People with herpes should not have a wax when they are having an outbreak.

Wear the Right Clothes

After a waxing, you’ll want to wear something light, loose and nonbinding. No ocean or pool swimming, and no tanning for at least twenty four hours. Your cosmetologist can set you up with a cooling, soothing moisturizer. You can also use straight aloe vera, or apply ice packs to the sensitive area.

Word of Warning

If you experience blistering, boils, excessive redness and heat in the area, or pain, seek medical attention right away! Waxing can remove tiny pieces of skin, allowing bacterial infections like staphylococcus aureus to take hold. If you have any symptoms that seem outside the normal range after a wax, don’t waste time – see a medical professional!

Brazilian Blowouts for Men: Why the Popular Hair Treatment is Worth Trying

Brazilian Blowouts are becoming more popular every year, and countless women have transformed their look and hair care thanks to this imported treatment. However, more and more men are having the treatment done as well and are enjoying its many benefits. Here are a few facts about receiving a Brazilian Blowout for men’s hair and why it’s worth trying out.

Easier Hair Care

Unless your hair is especially short, you likely spend at least a couple minutes on hair maintenance each day. A Brazilian Blowout for men’s hair will make your hair smoother and easier to style. After the procedure, you may not need to use gels or other products to keep your hair styled how you like; this is especially true for men with curvy or wavy hair. Furthermore, men who condition their hair might not have to do so as frequently, saving time in the morning. Even if your only after-shower hair care involves combing, a Brazilian Blowout can save you time.

Styling Options

Men’s fashion is always changing, and getting a Brazilian Blowout for men’s hair can you let try out some of the latest trends. Ads for Brazilian Blowouts often focus on women with long hair, but it’s just as effective for the short and medium-length hairstyles popular in men’s fashion today. Combined with proper maintenance and other hair products, men can experiment and find the look they like the most.

Easy to Maintain

Unlike other hair treatments that have come to the market over the years, a Brazilian blowout for men’s hair is easy to maintain. There are instructions to follow: You’ll like receive instructions to not wash your hair with shampoo for a certain period of time, and your stylist may recommend certain types of shampoo in the future. By following these instructions, you’ll be able to maintain your look for three months or even longer, making a Brazilian Blowout simple and convenient.

Women spend more on hair care than men, but the style makes a difference in men’s romantic and professional lives. Although advertisements often focus on the dramatic results women with long hair achieve with Brazilian Blowouts, the results can be just as impressive for men looking to simplify their hair care and achieve a modern look. As men’s style continues to evolve, having a trusted stylist who can perform a Brazilian Blowout can help you achieve and maintain a look you love. If you have any questions about Brazilian Blowouts or would like to schedule an appointment, contact Adrienne Michelle to learn more.

Kid’s Haircuts in Jacksonville That Everyone Loves

Kid’s haircut styles are quite important because children begin to develop a style when they are young. They want to wear something that makes them feel beautiful, something that makes them feel special, and something that helps them fit in. Parents will find a kid’s haircut in Jacksonville, FL at a professional salon that makes their children look unique and clean, and they will find the salon is the perfect place to style their own hair. Parents invest money in these haircuts because they want to see something that their child may keep for many years, and they should have that discussion with a professional stylist.

Meet the Stylist

Stylists are quite aware of the new styles on the market, and they’ll give out a kid’s haircut in Jacksonville, FL every day that follows the latest trends. They have a mental inventory of every haircut they have given, and they know what kids want to look like nowadays. Every kid that comes into the salon can have a nice conversation with the stylist about what they want. The stylist will make a plan for the haircut, and they will help kids understand how their haircut will happen.

Haircuts Take Shape

Stylists love to chat with kids about their haircuts, and they will cut their hair slowly while explaining what they are doing. The stylist will ask the child about what they like most about the style they have chosen. The stylist will continue to ask questions, and the child can see their haircut take shape in the mirror. Only a professional and experienced stylist knows how to help a child build their haircut while sitting in the chair.

Parents Can Approve the Style

Parents and stylists work together to make certain that the child is wearing the right style. Parents know which styles are allowed at their child’s school, and they can tell the stylist what the restrictions are. Quite a few kids will get to compromise on their style so that it is acceptable for everyday wear, and their stylist will take notes so the cut can be maintained in the future. Every child should have the privilege of a kid’s haircut in Jacksonville, FL that makes them happy, makes their parents happy and makes their school happy.

Adrienne Michelle’s Salon ensures that all kids get the haircuts they want. Each stylist works with families to make kids look special, and we can be reached for advice/appointments at 904-329-2573 or on our website at

10 Things You Should Know About a Nail Salon

Nail salons are the quintessential location for relaxation. Nothing is quite like having your unkempt hands transformed into beautiful and smooth hands. If you’ve always wondered exactly how a nail salon in Jacksonville, FL operates, you may find this information useful.

Nail Salons are Safe and Sanitary

To operate, nail salons are required to keep their space both clean and sanitary. You can rest easy knowing that you will be pampered in a safe environment.

Manicures and Pedicures Increase Self Confidence

Getting your nails done at a nail salon is no longer just something you do out of habit. Making a routine trip to a nail salon for a manicure or pedicure is likely to increase your self confidence.

Nail Salons Help Keep Your Hands Clean

If you’re known to bite your nails, a properly executed manicure may stop you from destroying them. This also helps keep your nails clean.

A Wide Variety of Colors and Styles Allows Clients to Express Themselves

Nail polish colors are available in virtually any color imaginable. Whether you prefer a classic pinkish hue or a bolder color, polish colors allow you to express yourself through your nails.

Nail Salons Offer Services to Both Women and Men

Many people believe that only women go to nail salons for their routine relaxation sessions. However, nail salons offer their services to both women and men.

Spa Pedicure Treatments Can Rejuvenate Tired Feet

If your feet have been overworked and are in desperate need of a refresher, you may need a spa pedicure. A nail salon in Jacksonville, FL can recommend a spa pedicure for your worn out feet. Spa pedicures involve plenty of soaking and occasionally a light massage as well.

Nail Salons are the Perfect Location to Relax and Unwind

Instead of trekking across town to multiple locations to relax, it’s best to stay right in one spot where you know you’ll be pampered properly. A nail salon offers services that include waxing, massages and hair treatments.

Nail Salons Tend to More Than Just Your Nails

Many nail salons now offer other services alongside their most popular nail packages. If you fancy a massage, it isn’t necessary to book an appointment somewhere else for one when you can get a relaxing massage at your local nail salon.

Salons Offer a Wide Variety of Packages for Relaxation

Relaxation is not a one-size-fits-all ordeal. Nail salons offer packages that can suit any budget.

Nail Salons Offer Other Services for Ultimate Unwinding

It’s time to debunk the myth that nail salons only offer nail services. Many salons offer waxing and massages as additional services that they are known to do very well.


The Differences Between Deep Tissue Massage & Swedish Massage

Long days at work, sitting through endless meetings and dealing with mountains of paperwork can take their toll on anyone. Feel stress nipping at your heels? Reduce stress levels with a well-deserved massage.


  • Swedish
    Want a gentle form of massage, one that focuses on long strokes and kneading, movements? Then a Swedish massage is perfect for you. Well known to be a classic rub, it is typically known for its sliding or kneading movements, says LiveStrong. It focuses on rubbing, vibration and includes passive and active movements of the joints. You can also expect a stretching and bending of your joints. If you want a massage that’s soothing and relaxing, this is ideal for you.
  • Deep Tissue
    If your muscles are too knotted from stress, then you might need to consider going for a deep tissue massage in Jacksonville instead. This type of massage works on deeper layers of the muscle. Unlike the long strokes and kneading movements of Swedish massage, the techniques for this type of massage focuses on slower and more forceful strokes. It’s ideal for people who have muscle damage from accidents or sports injuries.


Massage involves the application of pressure on your skin as well as tendons and ligaments and can go from light strokes to deep pressure. Done right, a massage can profoundly lower discomfort, pain, and stress levels. It can easily relax knotted muscles or ease tension and headaches away with a soothing head massage. Those who suffer from sports injuries can benefit greatly from regular deep tissue massage in Jacksonville. It can also generate feelings of comfort and connection which is another reason people love getting a massage.

Getting one

Getting a deep tissue massage from just anyone, though, isn’t ideal. Too much pressure can generate discomfort or even pain and can lead to possible injuries and worsen muscle damage.

That’s why finding trained massage therapists is a must. Need one? Look no further than us. If you’re ready to cap that long and stressful work week off with a well-deserved massage and want a few other beauty services done as well, give us a call.