Elevate Your Massage Experience with Hot Stones

Massage therapy is known for its restorative and healing properties, but not everyone is familiar with hot stone massage. If you are in need of some TLC and want to experience a relaxing and rejuvenating spa service, check out a hot stone massage in Jacksonville. Floridians are known for their activeness and love of the beach and outdoors, and sometimes need a healing touch after all the activity!

How Does a Hot Stone Massage Work?

A stone massage combines the practice of traditional massage with the use of flat, smooth, and heated stones that are applied onto the body. This heat enhances the recipient’s relaxation level and creates a calm and warm sensation. This increase in heat and pressure on the localized area elevates the level of blood circulation and allows the therapist to apply more pressure to tense and sore muscles. If you are interested in a more therapeutic spa experience, a hot stone massage in Jacksonville is worth a try.

The Many Benefits of Stone Massage

Your therapist can place the stones wherever you are feeling extra tension or soreness. The stones can also be placed on your hands and feet and their weight will help to increase your sense of calm and relaxation. Many people find the warmth of the stones between their fingers and toes to be therapeutic, and many therapists will place the stones on the body’s various pressure points.

The deepened relaxation together with the increased blood circulation allows the therapist to perform a deeper massage that will be more restorative than a traditional massage. Many spa enthusiasts prefer a stone massage because of the comforting feeling that the warm stones provide. This heightened experience leaves many feeling completely relaxed and calm with a strong sense of serenity.

Elevate Your Massage Experience with Hot Stones

The warmth of the stones create a deeper sense of relaxation and let your cares and concerns slip away. In addition to the placement of the stones, your massage therapist will also utilize the massage style of your choice in tandem with the stones. Whether you prefer deep tissue, Swedish, or pressure point massage, the benefits of a hot stone massage in Jacksonville can be significant.

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