Understanding Keratin Treatment

If you are looking for straightening your hair, you are likely at the option of Keratin treatment. It is one of the latest trends that are catching on in the beauty industry. Here is some useful information about Keratin treatment.

What is Keratin Treatment?

Keratin is a natural protein that is present in the hair. However, due to various reasons such as pollution, body metabolism, and stress levels, the hair protein may diminish causing frizzy and dull hair.

Keratin treatment uses chemicals that can replenish the hair with the required proteins and make it silky and shiny. Many hair spas offer Keratin treatments. There are variants such as Keratin Complex, Brazilian blow-out, Smoothing Therapy, and Keratin Strawberry.

You get some options that can be a self-treatment, but hair spas are better and safer because of the involvement of chemicals that may be harmful if not applied properly

Consult a Hair Stylist

If you have naturally silky smooth hair, you would not need Keratin treatment at all. But for those with curly hair who use a hair straightener daily, Keratin treatment would be a blessing.

To analyze what type of Keratin treatment you would need, a hair expert will be helpful. There are different treatments for people with blonde hair, for instance, as it needs extra care to protect the lighter color of the hair.

Keratin treatments have a long lasting effect, but nobody would like to experiment with the hair to be disappointed. Experts can provide guidance on the exact Keratin treatment that suits your hair.

Some Useful Tips

  • After to the Keratin treatment, it is advised not to wash the hair for four to five days. This allows the settling of the proteins and the hair is set well.
  • Use a shampoo that is free from sodium sulfate. That helps to maintain the treatment for a longer time.
  • Avoid ironing the hair with excessive heat as it can make the hair brittle and dry.
  • You can use a hair protecting cream or spray even after keratin treatment for extra protection.

Benefits of Keratin Treatment

  • The hair becomes more manageable. Frizzy hair is difficult to untangle and brush. Styling the hair when it is messed seems almost impossible.
  • The hair becomes soft and supple giving beautiful volume to the hair. Healthy hair often adds to the beauty of the woman.
  • The keratin layer helps the hair to be stronger and more protected. As a natural protein, it can effectively nourish the hair.

If you dream of soft, silky, and shinier hair, Keratin treatment can be your pick. But make sure you get it done by a professional.